• QR Adhesive Mifare 1K Tag - With Cloud Hosting

Track your inventory and assets with supplementary media stored in the cloud and accessible by scanning QR code on this high quality tag.

Next Generation Tracking Management begins with Affixive's QR Adhesive Tags. This is really QR code Tracking Management on Steroids with multi-field record storage in the cloud available for each QR code tag we sell. Google Sheet required.

This tag also includes a Mifare HF chip making additional scanning and tracking options available. Tag is UV and abrasion resistant.

Offsite Secure Asset Tracking record/row associated with QR code are directly accessible after scanning.

How to Use QR Tracking Management for the Internet Age:

Step 1: Order QR tags from Affixive.com, and set Google Sheet url in account page.

Step 2: Affix QR tag to Asset or Inventory Item.

Step 3: Scan QR tag with any standard QR code reader.

Step 4: Edit record fields for row associated with scanned QR code. You may also attach images to records or attach links to additional files or other assets.

Step 5: Enjoy quick secure access to tracked asset data!

QR Adhesive Mifare 1K Tag - With Cloud Hosting

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